Target TV Show

Back in 2011 we were surprisingly “targeted” by the well known consumer affairs TV show, Target, and proudly scored 9 / 10.

Here’s how it worked:

We were sent a letter from the Producer, advising us that:
Target was surveying Tauranga firewood companies and assessing the quality of the delivery using a variety of criteria. We had delivered a load of firewood to an actress named Ashley, and the work had been filmed with hidden cameras. The results of this trial would possibly be featured on Target”.

And we were!

We became a bit famous in Tauranga from then on as we were deemed the Best Firewood Company in the Bay!

Our results:

  • Delivery arrived on time and driver informed us of arrival. Very professional
  • Wood unloaded by hand, so pieces were retrieved if fell off tarpaulin
  • Wood pieces large and uniform in size
  • Trailer load measured correct order size
  • Wood species ratio was satisfactory
  • Scientific moisture content test was at an acceptable level
  • The expert deemed our load of wood to be the BEST Firewood in the trial

We found this very humbling yet incredibly motivating and we are working hard to continue this high quality service – and actually, to even beat it.

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