Choose your wood

This information is to help you choose which wood varieties are best suited for your home
OR to help get you started.

Types of Wood

GUMTOP SELLER  – Only Sold In Mixes
High quality hard wood, long burning and very high heat. Enviro friendly – clean burning
Recommended use: Add to ignited fire to increase heat. Difficult to light with. Ideally used with a soft wood, easy starter like Pine.
Price: $$$

CASUARINA – Sold Out Sorry
Hot burning, and very similar to Gum. Known as fantastic firewood.
Recommended use: Great all rounder
Price: $$

OLD MAN PINE – Sold Out Sorry
Medium wood
, fairly long burning time with good heat. Similar to Macrocarpa and Lawson Cypress.
Recommended use: Great all rounder.
Price: $$

Medium wood
, fairly long burning time with good heat. Enviro friendly – clean burning.
Recommended use: Great all rounder. Will spark – not ideal for open fireplaces
Price: $$

PINE – Great Value
Soft wood, faster burning product with hot heat. Great value!!
Recommended use: Perfect for lighting and maintaining a warm fire
Price: $

The average household burns 4-6 cubic meters per year in Tauranga.

ADD a bag of Kindling to your delivery to help start your fire.



As of the month of May onward we cannot guarantee 100% dry wood. Due to weather – Rain and humidity. Dont leave ordering to late!

Our Business policy is 100% money back guarantee. Wood must be returned at purchases expense within 14 days of delivery.