Choose your wood

This information is to help you choose which wood varieties are best suited for your home
OR to help get you started.

Types of Wood

High quality hard wood, long burning and very high heat. Enviro friendly – clean burning
Recommended use: Add to ignited fire to increase heat. Difficult to light with. Ideally used with a soft wood, easy starter like Pine.
Price: $$$

Hot burning, and very similar to Gum. Known as fantastic firewood.
Recommended use: Great all rounder
Price: $$

Medium wood
, fairly long burning time with good heat. Similar to Macrocarpa and Lawson Cypress.
Recommended use: Great all rounder.
Price: $$

MACROCARPA – Sorry Sold Out 2018
Medium wood
, fairly long burning time with good heat. Enviro friendly – clean burning.
Recommended use: Great all rounder. Will spark – not ideal for open fireplaces
Price: $$

PINE – Great Value
Soft wood, faster burning product with hot heat. Great value!!
Recommended use: Perfect for lighting and maintaining a warm fire
Price: $

The average household burns 4-6 cubic meters per year in Tauranga.

ADD a bag of Kindling to your delivery to help start your fire $15.


Our Business policy is 100% money back guarantee. Wood must be returned at purchases expense within 14 days of delivery.