Handy Hints

  • Buy your wood early to ensure you have dry wood come winter. This way you are able to season your own wood and it will cost you a lot less in the long run.
  • Stacking wood- things to think about-  Airflow, Sunlight, Shelter, Dryness.
  • Split wood when its green – It’s easier, so if you like splitting your own kindling its best to do it before your wood is dried for the winter.

quality firewood makes great fires

  • How to tell if your wood is dry? By the sound. Bang two pieces together and they should make a clink noise
  • Free standing fireplaces – Mainly hard wood for this type of fireplace as all it needs is a long slow burning wood.
  • Inbuilt fireplaces – Soft wood is the best way to achieve the heat. When your house is at the desired warmth add hardwood to maintain it.